10 Easy Tips for Effective SEO

SEOHere are ten search engine optimisation (SEO) tips to help improve your website’s search engine ranking. These are strategies that you should be able to implement easily without an in-depth knowledge of SEO.

  1. Find keywords that best describe your services or products, keeping in mind that there is no point optimising your website for keyword phrases that people don’t search for. A great free tool that will help with your keyword research is Google Keyword Tool
  2. Add good relevant content on a regular basis. Search engines will keep coming back for more if you keep feeding them unique and fresh content.
  3. Include your keyword phrase sparingly throughout your content. Don’t overdo it though! If it doesn’t read naturally because you have mentioned your keyword phrase too much, then search engines will treat it with no relevance. Take the time to write well-written content with the reader in mind.
  4. Make sure you use your keyword phrase in your Title tag. This will vary throughout your website as each page will have its own keyword phrase you want to rank for.
  5. Use the meta description effectively, including related keywords, but not overdoing it. This is often pulled through as the copy in your search engine listing and can help attract searchers to click on your website.
  6. Use text links within your page content and navigational menu. This will allow search engine spiders to find other pages on your site and indicate what the page is about.
  7. Build a network of backlinks to your website. Link back from quality sites related to your industry.
  8. Remember to use descriptive keyword phrases when creating external and internal links to your site. For example, if the page you are linking to is about ‘blue widgets’ then link with the text ‘blue widgets’. This is much better than just linking with ‘Click here’.
  9. Use relevant and descriptive text in your image ALT attributes. Search engines will see this as relevant text when indexing your site.
  10. Add social networking and bookmarking capabilities to your website or blog i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon. If you have good content that is worth talking about, this will encourage visitors to share your content.
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