Are You Missing Out by Not Being Online?

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It could be because of three probable reasons

  1. You have no web presence at all
  2. You have an ineffective web presence with an old website
  3. You are convinced a website will not work for you

In any case, the net result is the same, you are likely to be losing visitors and customers to your business and losing potential revenue as a result of not having an online presence.

I strongly recommend that you give your web presence the consideration it deserves as you may miss out on your slice of 52bn generated online.

Where to start with an online presence

Well, to start with, you will need a website as the foundation of your online activity.

You have two options for this:

  1. Make your own with free tools (we’ll cover this in another blog post soon)
  2. Get a reputable company to build and maintain it for you.

If you are tech-savvy and have the time and are prepared to embark on an ongoing learning curve, you may want to do it yourself. However, if you want professionals to set it up and guide you please start by seeing our website packages starting from £99.

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