Are you overloaded with information about online marketing and SEO?… Not sure where to start or who to believe?

We know the feeling, this used to be us. Thankfully, we are now experienced webmasters and can cut through the hype.

What is the answer for newcomers to web promotion?

It is difficult out there. You can easily go down the wrong path or worst still an expensive wrong path. People may have good intentions, but bad advice can be expensive and waste your valuable time if it does not improve your web position.

Our Thoughts

Some time ago we started work on our online marketing course, but found that many people did not really have the time to complete the lessons. While it is good to know the techniques and theory of SEO most people care little about the detail and rather just get the results. Right?

Stepping it down

Over the next few months we are restructuring our course to break it down into a step by step, hour by hour approach.

We are ditching the background and theory and offering one hour activity packs aimed at giving people the bricks and mortar of good SEO. We aim to get you moving forward on the web with small one hour action packs.

If you are interested in finding out more get in touch and please leave your comments below. Tell us how we can help you.

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