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Now, I am no expert on article marketing, but our website has definitely benefited in a small but steady way from a small flow of clickthroughs and linkbacks over the years as a result of submitting some of our pre-written articles. I get better returns from other forms of marketing so would not personally spend long on this, however, you might want to try it.

Simply submit some of your pre-written work into some of the top article databases and monitor the results for yourself. Whether it is beneficial will depend on your industry sector and article subject so it may be more beneficial for you than me.

When I say pre-written, I mean we wrote them and put them on our own blogs first until they were indexed. This is important in my view as Google knows where the article originated from and gives that location the higher weight in terms of search engine ranking.

You can check to see if an article has been indexed by copying a line of your article text into Google… for example… here is a line from a recent article on our Media Music Now blog … “For a few months, I have been hearing about the Dr Who adventure game”. (you need to use the quotes)

It shows my article on the first page, so it is now safe to put into article directories.

I had thought about compiling a list for you, but then found this list, which is pretty good so I decided to link to it.

This only scratches the surface, but it is a good starting point without being overwhelmed.

Although I rate this list, I have never used a syndication service as it suggests as I know Google prefer natural methods. On that basis automatic syndication is not something I have used.

Good luck, and feel free to share this post and your results.

P.S. If you are doing this, I assume you have a website that you own to link back to? If not, get in touch with us 🙂

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