Audiobook Production

Producing an audiobook is a complex process that requires attention to detail and a keen ear for audio quality. Our audiobook production service can help you create a high-quality audiobook that meets ACX’s technical standards and specifications required for Amazon and Itunes submission.

A Comprehensive Audiobook Production Service

Our audiobook production process includes the following elements:

Voiceover talent

We work with a pool of professional voiceover talent to provide you with the perfect voice for your audiobook.

Recording and Editing

We use industry-standard recording and editing techniques to ensure the best possible audio quality for your audiobook.

Audio processing

We use specialised audio processing software to enhance the audio quality of your audiobook and ensure that it meets the ACX standards.

We are experienced audio professionals and have a deep understanding of audiobook production and working with voiceovers to deliver long-form narration such as audiobooks.

Who Can Benefit from Audiobook Production?

  • Authors who want to turn their books into audiobooks.
  • Publishers who want to produce high-quality audiobooks for their audience.
  • Companies who want to create audiobooks for their employees or customers.

Creating a high-quality audiobook requires a team of experienced professionals who understand the nuances of audiobook production. Contact us today to learn more about our audiobook production service and how we can help you create a professional, high-quality audiobook.

Listen to Some Audiobook Demos

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