Do You Own Your Domain Name?

Your Domain Is One of Your Most Important Business Assets — Keep It in Your Name

Domain Extension

A website provider should always encourage you to register your own domain. This way you are the legal owner of the domain and no one can take it away from you. Web developers that register your domain in their name can inadvertently cause problems for you.

You should ALWAYS have administrative rights over your domain name and this means you need to set it up in your name.

If your domain is available, you should register it today.

Even if you don’t put a website on it, you really should register it to stop your competitors from using it. You pay an annual registration fee to keep the domain for your own use. It is not at all expensive these days. Typically £8-£12 per year.

If you can, we believe that you should register the .com and of your domain. We have an article on our blog about registering domains.

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