Trading since 2005

About our Experience

Lee Pritchard

Web Centric 360 was set-up by myself, Lee Pritchard and Adam Barber. We have been involved in a number of online businesses since 2005 and work on the web daily. Our combined knowledge of websites and search engine marketing combined with a large professional network enable us to efficiently build and promote online enterprises.

Adam Barber

Through WebCentric360 you are tapping into our many years of combined experience and knowledge of online business.

Having identified some of the best tools available and learnt how to use them, we build websites and businesses from the many building blocks available for free or low cost. Through WebCentric360 we will take care of any technical issues and build you a website ready for you to log into and start making web pages and blog entries. Plus, we provide monthly hosting and ongoing support.

Web Centric 360 based in Manchester, UK

Wider Team

Despite there been only two of us on the about page, we have a wider team of many individuals. For a start the hosting company we use is part of our team and very much involved in trouble free hosting. Also, we have a number of individuals that we can call upon for additional services such as design and development. 


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