We Create WordPress Websites Tailored to Your Needs

We use the globally recognised software WordPress. We create a website development plan and support package tailored to your requirements and budget. 

With WordPress there are many misconceptions about what it is, how easy it is to use and how complicated it is to set up etc. We pride ourselves on transparency and with a bewildering array of prices and options from very cheap to massively expensive, it is hard to know what to think if you are not familiar with WordPress, web hosting and website maintenance. To give you a crash course in this, we have outlined the main aspects you need to consider and have indicated what your options are as our customer. 

We understand the needs of online business and our priority is to run fast, secure and dependable websites that look good and are up-to-date. Our prices reflect this, but in the interests of transparency we can offer you other options too.

Software and Plugins

WordPress is an open source software with many thousands of plugins and themes that can be used to alter the look and functionality of your website. Don’t let anyone convince you that WordPress is just a blogging platform, indeed that is its origin, but it is now a very capable and growing content management system powering some of the world’s biggest websites. There are whole businesses created that specialise in WordPress websites, hosting and website maintenance. It is not going anywhere, it is going everywhere!

We charge according to what theme and plugins you require. The functionality of the website and development depends on how many things it needs to do.

Design Consideration

With many WordPress themes, they look great out of the box and can be used that way. We have a number of pre-designed themes available for use on your website. However, if you want your own brand colours or even a complete look creating from scratch this is all possible but requires extra development. We can fully customise the look of your website if that is what you require. We can build from scratch using your design templates (PSDs) or we can opt for a more affordable off-the-shelf look with colour tweaks and a custom logo.

The more design that is needed, the more cost is involved. We can offer you either option depending on your budget.

Software updates and maintenance 

The WordPress software, themes and plugins that your website uses need updating regularly to keep up with search engine requirements and online security standards. This all takes time – updating, maintaining and not to mention troubleshooting should any problems occur.

We offer Maintenance & Development Agreements Or updates can be done on an adhoc basis or you can do them yourself. It depends how involved you want to be.


Web hosting is required for your website, and the amount you pay can range vastly from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds per month depending on a number of factors. In general, cheap hosting is cheap for a reason, you get what you pay for. If you want a secure, reliable and fast website with good support this costs more. After years of trying many options, we can make suggestions for your hosting.

Content Creation

Once we have built your website, you can easily add and edit text and images on pages and posts. However, the initial input of content is an important and time-intensive task. We can help with this depending on your budget and particular requirements. 

You can add your own text and images, or we can help with this depending on your requirements


This may sound strange to say, but, there are many website systems that lock your content into a proprietary content management system. Not with WordPress, it is all transferable. You created it, you own it.

About Us

We have been trading since 2005 and have access to all of the skills we need to operate and develop businesses online. We operate under a number of company identities and brands and work on the web daily, often remotely and via mobile technology too.


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