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Please select multiple options if you require more than one feature, such as an online shop and membership site or any other combination of features.
Our website design quotes include setting up 4 basic pages as standard e.g. Home, About, Services, Contact page.
By giving us an idea of your budget it helps us determine what we can offer.
With our Wordpress hosting we do support you in using your new website. This includes showing you how to use everything and helping with any user related problems you run into.
* With our Wordpress monthly maintenance we maintain your website by keeping the Wordpress software up to date including updating your theme and installed plugins when needed. Updating older versions of software is an important part of keeping your website secure and ensures the website continues to work as it should.
** If you opt to have the maintenance done only when you request it, it is typically when something has already gone wrong. Reactive maintenance is usually time-intensive because it often requires us to resolve a hacked or broken website due to the software not being updated regularly. As such, we charge hourly for this. Proactive and monthly maintenance usually avoids this scenario. The analogy is servicing your car versus not servicing it. The choice is yours.
*** Likewise, if you are competent with the website software you can opt to do the software and security updates yourself.
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