SEO Tip: Optimize your Images for Search

When using images for your website’s content and any posts or articles you publish, it is important to make the most out of your images by optimizing them for search. This presents you with another opportunity of being found in a search engine’s image search. Below are some key points to action when adding images to your website.

  • Images for web content should ideally be in .jpg format and not be too large in size. The smaller the file size the better.
  • Descibe what the image is in its filename, rather than leave it as random letters and numbers. For example, do not leave the filename as jjj3794.jpg or whatever the sequence may be, instead, create a filename that describes the image.
  • Seperate each word in the filename with a hyphen e.g describe-what-the-image-is.jpg
  • Depending on the keywords you are tageting for the website page, post or article, use relevant and related keywords when naming your image and describing it in its alt text. Also, remember to be descriptive and not just list your keywords.

Following these points will further help optimize your website and allow your image content to be found in search engines. Also, it doesn’t take long to implement these as you go and is a worthwhile SEO habit to develop.

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