Creating links

Links can easily be added to text or images in your page or blog posts. These can link to other pages on your website or other websites.

First, select the text you wish to link and then click the link icon.


This opens the Insert/edit link box. Simply type or paste the URL you want to link to. Put a Title (this is what a user sees if they hover over the link)

Additionally you can opt to Open link in a new window/tab which is a good idea if you are linking to an external website as this opens a new window for the link and leaves your website open. For links within your own website it is best to leave this option unchecked.

You can also browse and select your own pages using the Or link to existing content option


Once you are happy with your selection click Add Link

You can always edit the link by going through the same procedure again.

Linking from an image

This is the same procedure, however, the only difference is that you click the image to activate its edit mode before clicking the  Insert/edit link icon.



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