Using Gallery Plugin – Create a Gallery

This is only available if you have the Gallery plugin installed on your website. You will find the option on the blower part of the left-hand menu. When you hover over it, it should look like this.


Adding your gallery / images

A gallery is a themed set of images that can be viewed on your website.

To create your gallery click on the Add Gallery / Images option as shown below.


You will be taken to a page with the following options


With the drop down list, you can create a new gallery or select one of your existing galleries. Once you have selected or created a new gallery you can either use the Add Files button or drag into as indicated on the page.

To create a gallery, type in the name that you want to create and add your photos.


When you have added a selection of photos, click on Start Upload


Managing Your Gallery

Now go back to your Gallery menu and select Manage Galleries.

From here you will be presented with a list of the gallery or galleries that you have created. Click on the name of the gallery you wish to manage.

From here you can change the name and description of the photo(s) and add tags if you wish. You must click the blue Save Changes button make these changes.

Also notice that the picture size is displayed – 2816 x 2120 pixels


Picture Sizes – Very important

Any pictures bigger than 800 x 600 pixels are too big for the web. Large pictures are slow to load and slow your website and use unnecessary storage.

It is very important that you resize your images.

To do so, simply check the tick box at the top of the photo list. This should select all photos in the list. Now select from the drop down list the option that says Resize Images and click the Apply button.


You will now see the Resize images dialogue box. I have opted to resize at 600 x 400. Clicking the OK button resizes your images.


New page: Attaching your gallery to a Page or Post

Now that you have created, renamed, added description, optional tages and most importantly resized your images you can now easily add it to your page.

At the top of your page editor, in your formatting tools you should see this option, click on the green icon.


You will see a range of options. Select the NextGEN Basic Thumbnails


Next click on the option that says What would you like to display?

You will see the following. Sources needs to be Galleries and where it says Galleries, select the Gallery you would like to display and click save.


The software will now insert the gallery on the page at the point where your mouse cursor is. Click Save on your page or post and preview your page. You should now see the gallery as you can see it here.

To edit the gallery, just click on the picture in your pages editor.

That covers the basics.

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