Telephone On-hold Messages

We work with a range of professional voiceover artists to create on-hold messaging and telephone prompts that will engage and inform your callers.

We take pride in providing our clients with affordable high-quality audio that will make their business stand out. We work closely with a hand-picked selection of trusted voice talent to ensure that every project we undertake meets our standards of professionalism and quality.

In addition to providing voice over talent, we also offer scriptwriting services to ensure that your messaging is effective, informative, and engaging. Whether you need help refining an existing script or creating a new one from scratch, we are here to offer guidance and support.

While we don’t offer telephone hardware or VoIP services, we are happy to provide guidance on what to look for in these areas. Unlike other services that bundle telephone systems and audio production under expensive monthly contracts, we charge only for the audio recording as a one-time fee with no ongoing payments. Our voiceovers and audio production are not only affordable but also of the highest quality, comparable to or better than our competitors, at a fraction of the cost.

Listen to Some On-hold Demos

Female Voices

Male Voices

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