Terms & Conditions


WebCentric360 is a trading name of Bright Cloud Media Limited registered in England, company No: 5511247, VAT No: 864 7757 69


We do everything we can to ensure uninterrupted service, however, we can not give any warranties about circumstances that are beyond our control. In the event of a technical or server outage we will endeavour to rectify the issues in a timely manner however as we rely on 3rd party contractors we can not accept any liability for loss of service.

If loss of service is incurred by fault of your own, or by any additional software installed or installed on your behalf we will endeavour to correct any problem but reserve the right to hold you responsible for any loss of income or any costs incurred.


We provide weekly backup files to your email account and our server team make weekly backups, however, we cannot give warranty or be held liable for any backups that do not arrive or are incomplete or are corrupt. As a fail safe measure you are responsible for making offline backups of all content added to your website or blog including text, audio, photographs and / or video. Additionally you can request a full server backup to be sent to you at your expense.


We will update your software periodically as part of your monthly hosting and support. As updates become available almost daily for many plugins we cannot and do not believe it is wise to update everything straight away. For this reason we will periodically update your sites software or inform you when it is safe to action a particular update.

Software Obsolescence Policy

The obsolescence of software applications will be measured by the following criteria. Software is obsolete when any of the following milestones occur:

  1. It was installed five or more years ago.
  2. The software is no longer available.
  3. The software is no longer supported by the developer.
  4. It does not comply with current search engine policy.

Websites with obsolete software may continue to work flawlessly, however, obsolete software poses a risk to websites stability and security. In the event of any problem where the obsolescence software is implicated as a contributing factor, we cannot provide technical support repairing any obsolete software that is malfunctioning or causing other aspects of the website to not function correctly.

Our hosting and support will still cover general maintenance, troubleshooting and help but support time that is a direct result of a website owner running obsolete software will be billed at our current rates. This includes but is not limited to: resolving website hacks, downtime, broken plugins, visual ambiguities etc.

Non Payment

If you do not pay us we reserve the right to temporarily block your website and display an appropriate message to users informing them that your site has been removed and for what reason. We will give you plenty of warning before things get to this stage but reserve the right to take such action.

Bandwidth and Storage

We provide sites with ample bandwidth and storage to accommodate a large number of pages and visitors within our standard hosting charge. If your site traffic, storage or processing demands exceed this level and become problematic for other users we reserve the right to upgrade your hosting requirement and increase your hosting costs. Prior notice will be given.


Your site must only be used for lawful and moral purposes.

  • We will not tolerate forms of abuse, racial or otherwise.
  • We will not accept explicit language or imagery or any type of pornography.
  • Links to harmful or illegal services are not acceptable.

If we discover this type of use your site may be closed immediately without notice.

Security information

Your login details must be kept private and secure by you. Any unauthorised access to any of your accounts due to careless management of these details is your responsibility and we accept no liability in this respect. The details we keep on file are encrypted to a high level to prevent unauthorised access.


We will not tolerate facilitation of spam, comment spam or email spam. Your website and / or accounts will be suspended and you will be held liable for any resulting loss of service revenue.

Updates to Software

We do our best to maintain uninterrupted service but may have to temporarily suspend service to carry out repairs or updates. We will endeavour to inform you should this happen but can not guarantee that we will always be able to. We can not be liable for any resulting loss in revenue or web traffic in such circumstance.


Although we do all that we can to ensure that your website is available in all world territories, search engines and browsers we can not provide warranty to this effect given the huge and changing array of technology and global Internet policies.


Intentionally breaching copyright of others will not be tolerated and you will be liable for any consequences regarding this. We will remove any material from our server that is suspected to be copyright infringement.


Updates to these terms may be made from time to time and it is your responsibility to check from time to time. Continued use of our services constitutes acceptance of these terms.


All payments for developments need to be electronic, by bank transfer, PayPal or card payment. We do not accept cheques or cash.

Monthly hosting payments are by PayPal subscription or by Direct Debit only. We do not accept manual payments for monthly hosting. Failure to pay hosting fees on time may result in your website being unavailable.

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