Ann Cunningham

Having attempted to set up my own website with a book and a lot of time to spare I was relatively pleased with the results. It had taken days and days and I wasn’t all that sure of how I had done most of it, but at least we had a presence on the web, albeit somewhat static.

It was when we got busy and we needed the website to do more than just sit occupying a well needed place in cyberspace that things got tricky. I got lost in the maze of galleries, updates, tags and meta things. I had no idea how to maximise our search engine potential and I didn’t have the time to find out as well as running a brand new business.

Thankfully, Lee and Adam came to see us and within half an hour they had very calmly talked us through what we could have, at what price and in what time. No mystery and no attempt to extort ridiculous amounts of money from people who had clearly lost the virtual will to surf. They went away with a clear idea of what we wanted and in no time we had a website that allowed us to advertise our stuff without the panic of breaking it. They went the extra mile with advice on how to populate copy with key words and the tutorial videos you get as part of the deal to help you in the future are brilliant.

I have recommended them to many friends and customers and will continue to do so.”

— Ann Cunningham, The Nip and Tipple bar 

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