Emily Pitts

Emily Pitts is a creative who specialises in contemporary artworks. She contacted us as she needed a website and blog to promote herself via the web. Her artistic works needed to be available for sale and a good photo gallery was an essential element for displaying her art. Additionally, Emily wanted to be able to sell her art via the website and an e-commerce plugin was essential in providing her with an online shop.

Click on the image below to see a larger photo or visit her website directly www.emilypitts.com

Emily Gave Us a Testimonial 🙂

Thank you both for creating an amazing website for me and my business.

What you’ve done is managed to take my many ideas for the site and realise them in a practical andcoherent way that really works. I have had some great feedback about the site already and it’s only been up and running for about a month. The speed with which you produced the site was amazing – it took shape so quickly and you were really responsive to suggestions and changes.

I liked the way that you provided such a personal level of service where we worked together and your knowledge fed into my ideas. It has created a unique site that totally fulfills my needs and has far exceeded all my expectations. You are extremely knowledgeable and receptive and that placed your services way above any other web design services I’ve seen.

The other aspect that I found incredibly useful was the web tutorials. They enabled me to work at my own pace the get to grips with the functionality of the site and to make the most of the site by developing all areas. It was a great visual way to learn whilst doing, also being able to go back again and again to consolidate and become confident with the functions.

With you at the end of the phone and on email I felt completely confident throughout the whole process. You’ve gone the extra mile to make the site work for me and I can’t thank you enough for your hard work. The after-service you’ve provided has been the best I’ve had from any company – with really quick responses and a willingness to research things which I was not confident or able to find out about myself. I can’t recommend you highly enough – the website speaks for itself.


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