Why Online Marketing Is Relevant to Independent Retailers

find-via-webDespite what you may have heard or currently believe, the online market is not just about selling goods online or via eBay, it’s also about being found in the real world and locally.

As you read this, people are using their computers and laptops to research, and more increasingly phones, to find products and services online.  Will they find your shop’s website or your competitors?

As I write this, the Thompson Local has been pushed through my door. But sorry to say, it will go in the recycling as the Internet delivers better results faster. What do you do with yours?

People can now search the Internet for shops, products and suppliers while on the move with their mobile phone. The fact is, most businesses can benefit from increased interest, revenue and visitors by implementing a good website.

As more digital channels become available to more consumers it’s no surprise that they’re increasingly being relied upon for local business information and services. Marketers are already leveraging local search and see great benefits: leads that convert both online and offline.

Compelling, isn’t it? I wonder how many of your customers found you via the Internet or were just passing trade? There is a very good chance that you can attract people into your shop via search engines given the right type of online presence.

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