Cheap Vs. Expensive Web Hosting Explained for Newbies

Web hosting options and costs vary wildly. Website owners need to be able to rationalize and justify the additional cost of premium hosting. The benefits of more expensive premium hosting is not easily explained and it is hard for people new to websites to understand the difference. 

In the past, we tried to compete on price, but after experiencing the disaster of using low-cost hosting, we now take no chances and use premium hosting. Having used premium hosting for several years now the difference is huge. Unfortunately, people new to websites don’t usually accept the higher price and go for the low-end option, which is their choice, but we always try to recommend good premium hosting. 

Without naming all of the hosts that we have either had direct experience with or witnessed problems with, here are a few that highlight our experience.

  • Recommended: – We have used them for 3 years now without major issues. Premium pricing, but has been worth it for us.
  • Not Recommended: Rackspace – Expensive, but for a company that proclaims fanatical support, we have not experienced this level of support. They have really screwed up for us on a number of occasions, and we’ve really had to push for help with an issue.
  • Take your chance: EUKHost – Low cost but was a disaster for us, however, other people we know have had good results.

Here is a breakdown of the difference in simple terms avoiding the more technical aspects.

Low-cost hosting issues – All of which we have experienced

  • Performance: Slow website, pages don’t load, frequent downtime, website inaccessible to all or part of the web.
  • Security issues: Getting hacked
  • Backups: Poor backups or no backups.
  • Backup can’t be relied on: Poor access to backups when needed and often failed.
  • Technical support: Poor or no technical support. Live chat dressed up as support where everyone is following a script
  • Blame passing: When something goes wrong they blame your software/website and don’t take any responsibility.
  • The technical support fob off: Something goes wrong and you get sent to an article or help file.

So far using WPengine

  • Performance: Great uptime and fast load times
  • Security issues: Seem very security conscious
  • Backups: Full backups
  • Technical support: Real technical support from trained techies

Disclosure: No payment has been received to say any of this. This is our opinion based on real-life experience since 1999.

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